Fettucine Geraldo $24.90. “Marinated prawns and chicken tenderloins tossed with sauteed garlic, tomato and shallots in a creamy avocado infused white wine sauce”.

This was fantastic, creamy just the way i like it, although the cream is REALLY filling and you do get bored halfway through the dish, so i suggest sharing with somebody and ordering a variety of dishes .  A very simple dish that can be made at home, but i would definitely come back for this when I’m lazy and don’t feel like cooking or washing.


Manzo Pizza, $25.90. “Seasoned spicy beef mince, capsicum, beans, topped with sour cream, guacamole and corn chips”.

This pizza could of had great potential but instead it was really disappointing, the toppings were mediocre, base was overcooked, almost burnt as  i could  smell the charcoal and over took the flavor and taste of it. I’ve had pizza here before and it’s been fine, i think this was just an unlucky pizza..

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