Steamed Vietnamese rice rolls, $8.

These are so darn cheap and delicious! Since there are SO MANY Vietnamese restaurants in the area they try to keep the majority of their dishes under $15.

The food comes out super quick so if you see a giant queue outside, it usually doesn’t take too long until you get a table. You can place your order whilst outside and by the time you get a table, your food is usually ready for you.

tuong lai2

Sugarcane prawn and Vermicelli with self-wrap lettuce, $12.

Time to get dirty… hands.

You’re given two chunks of prawn wrapped around sugarcane and large iceberg lettuce leaves. You fill the giant lettuce leaf with vermicelli and prawn and wrap it together to create a mouthwatering chunky prawn roll.

The only problem here is that the restaurant is mainly catered to Vietnamese/Chinese speaking customers. The wall menus are not written in English. (I’ve seen white people come in with photos on their phone to show the waiter what they want). Other than that, this place is a great place to go for cheap tasty food.

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