Cauliflower dumpling (3 pieces) $10. The outside crust is thin and crispy, spiced cauliflower and chick peas inside makes it smooth and creamy. With a price like that, i was hoping they would be a bit bigger/ had more pieces. Nonetheless, it still tasted great!


Masala Dosai, $10.

A crepe filled with mashed potato, it was pretty decent, but nothing magnificent enough for me to order again.


Butter chicken ($20) was amazing! nice and creamy with the perfect blend of spices. It was so good that all the sauce vanished the quickest.

Goat Mappas ($20) was surprisingly good, more on the spicy side but not too hot that you had to drink water every 2 seconds. The only downside was there were way too many bones in this. I understand how goat usually comes on the bone but the meat to bone ratio was way too close, literally half the dish was full of bones!!

Duck Moilee, $21. Duck was very tender, sauce wasn’t too outstanding though.

Hands down, out of all the curries, Butter Chicken was the best! It is almost impossible to go to an Indian place and not order the most common dish, Butter Chicken.

We also ordered Cheese ($4.5) and Garlic Naan ($4). They were excellent! nice and fluffy and not overcooked/burnt. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too oily either, which is good because some places love to soak and cook it in 10 litres of oil which is really bad for you and makes you feel extremely bloated afterwards.


Kesar Pista (Pistachio) Kulfi and Mango kulfi, $8 each.

The mango tasted just like Weiss’ mango cream bar, so nothing new and exciting there. The pistachio on the other hand was delicious, it had real pistachio nuts inside (yum!!). No matter how good this tasted, i will always think it is ridiculously overpriced. It’s “Indian” ice cream which is supposedly more sweet and soft, but it tasted very similar to regular gelato. For $8, I should’ve gone to Gelato Messina down the road, could have gotten 3 scoops for the same price with many more flavors to choose from.

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